Prispress som marknaden genererar uppmärksammas allt oftare av våra kunder. Hela tiden är vi skyldiga att söka lösningar för att minska produktionskostnaderna. Tillsammans med våra kunder utformar vårt ingenjörsteam som ansvarar för genomförande och produktionsoptimering lösningar som syftar till att eliminera ställtider för att maximera maskinens drifttid. En viktig aspekt av detta arbete är optimering av fästelement och programvara för CNC-styrda bearbetningsmaskiner.

By participating in trade fairs and external training, we help to continually grow our knowledge levels. We focus on optimisation, on matching the production technology to the size and frequency of the production batches, and on shortening the material flow times within the company.

CNC-styrda bearbetningsmaskiner


In our attempt to meet the expectations of our partners, in addition to a series of various bending machines, our own tool-room and 20 years of experience in profile bending, we have supplemented our offer with aluminium profile ageing and ageing details after bending. If we are dealing with difficult aluminium bending, these are often T4 profiles that are the source material for bending (naturally aged). They lack full mechanical strength and it is then necessary to harden profiles (age them) to T6.

Copal is one of the few companies that has its own ageing furnace that supplements our offer in bending aluminium profiles.

ageing furnace

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Our aim is to shorten deadlines!

CNC milling machine Our aim is to shorten deadlines!
Our company now boasts additional new CNC machines produced by KIMLA

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TIG and MIG welding of structures

TIG and MIG welding of structures

We offer welding of structures of various sizes using TIG and MIG techniques, from small ones, made of thin walled materials, up to large-scale, thick walled structures.

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non-standard projects

aluminium machining Atypical projects

Atypical projects of all kinds are our speciality. Let’s work together!

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gold medal of sub-junior championship, UKS KAJAK team trzcianka

zloty medal uks kajak copal
A snapshot of the achievements of competitors we currently support. A gold medal at the sub-junior championship, UKS Kajak team Trzcianka Bydgoszcz 2013 - race K-4/500 m.

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Aluminium machining COPAL on Facebook

We invite all our clients to like the new Copal aluminium machining page on Facebook. Our fanpage will always bring you up to speed with the news and newly offered machining processes performed by our company.

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kimla plotter

milling protter CNC kimla
The latest addition to our machinery, a KIMLA gate milling plotter with a work area of 6100 x 2200

This gives us the ability to machine composite panels and details up to a height of 350mm. The plotter has a negative pressure table and works on four axes. We also have a full staff of trained operators. We invite you to contact us in order to learn more about the possibilities offered by the plotter.

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we have certificates inEN ISO 3834-2 and DIN EN 15085-2

We are pleased to inform you that on 20 March 2012, a certification audit took place within our company and from that date onwards, the Copal has the right to use certificates:

DIN EN ISO 3834-2 Quality requirement for the fusion welding of metallic materials. Comprehensive quality requirements.
DIN EN 15085-2 Welding of railway vehicles and components. Quality requirements in class CI2 The audit was carried out by GSI SLC certification agency.

Welding process Material group Dimensions Comments
141 23 1-4mm FW
141 23 1,5-6mm BW
141 23 1,5-4mm FW
141 23 1,4-2,6mm BW
141 23 3-8mm BW

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